The Company

The World vision green energy d.o.o. (WVGE) was founded in June 2020 and operates as a limited liability company.

It is registered in the Central Register of the Commercial Court in Podgorica, Republic of Montenegro, under registration number 50929537. The registered office of the company is Ul. 18 jula no. 35, Podgorica.

The two shareholders are Mr. Miodrag Šestović (50.0%) and Mr. Sreten Đuretić (50.0%), who is officially represented by Mrs. Dragana Krivokapić.

The business purpose of WVGE is to ensure the supply of energy in Montenegro by establishing KPP production as a safe and reliable supplier of completely green and baseload electricity, without any impact on the environment, thus contributing to Montenegro becoming an ecological country in the true sense, with a developed industry. .
The implementation of this technology in Montenegro would create the conditions for its spread to the region, primarily to the surrounding countries and the Balkan Peninsula.
As a domestic producer, WVGE wants to ensure a stable and sustainable supply of electricity in Montenegro so that the rest of the energy is exported under the best possible conditions.

Founders: Sreten Djuretic, Miodrag Sestovic.

Management: Marinela Djuretic, Andjela Kusevija, Dragana Krivokapic

Administrative advisors: Milan Jovanovic, Dragan Vukcevic

Advisor for the Balkans: Dejan Stojsavljevic

Investor Relations Associate : Andrejana Perušković