Our intent

World Vision Green Energy doo Podgorica, with its partners from Germany “Save the planet” AG Swiss and the company HTL Gmbh, is oriented towards innovative ecological technology for the production of electricity, which relies on “zero emission” of CO2 or emissions of any of another by-product and fully functions on the principle of “green energy production”. In this sense, we obtained the rights on the territory of the Balkans and chose Montenegro as the starting point for the development of this advanced technology, in which we have the wholehearted help of our partners.

This technology has been proven multiple times, TUV, Decra, SGS, several other studies providing accurate measurements, input/output, etc. while installed KPPs of 100kW and 500kW can be seen at the R&D farm in Pattaya – Thailand. Our company, in cooperation with the Ministry of Capital Investments, organized an inspection of the plant in Thailand on December 16, 2021, where Mr. Nikola Vukotić, on behalf of the Electric Industry of Montenegro( EPCG ), performed the inspection and made a report, which is in the attachment, and confirmed the technology as ready for implementation in the electrical system. of Montenegro.

Through our participation during the preparation of crucial planning documents, Kinetic power plants were recognized through higher-level planning documents such as PPCG (Spatial Plan of Montenegro) and PUP Nikšić (Spatial Urban Plan of the City), where our location is also located, where the planned construction of CHP up to 40 MWh.

We have documentation of the support of the competent institutions, and it is expressed through the Memorandum on Cooperation and Support signed with the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro and the positive Opinion of CGES (Montenegro Electric Transmission System), where in conclusion CGES expresses its readiness to cooperate and purchase electricity from WVGE. (Documents in Attachments) )

WVGE owns a location of 5800 m2, planned for the construction of KE in the municipality of Nikšić in the industrial zone of the Nikšić „Zeljezara“. The planned power of the power plant is 30-40 MWh/h, which is recognized as an innovation that has received support in cooperation with the competent institutions of Montenegro (Ministry of Capital Investments, CGES, Municipality of Nikšić.

This power is only a part and the first phase of the realization of our project Kinetic power plants with a capacity of 200+ MW/h.

In addition, HTL Gmbh as a Project Manager together with the insurance companies Lloyds, SwissRe or Sudvers will cover the risk that would include all aspects of the investment, which includes:

• Payments to equipment suppliers, including advance payments

• Logistics and delivery of materials

• Construction and assembly

• Technical commissioning

• KPP performance

With all the above and all the attachments we are submitting, it is quite clear that the project is ready for financing and implementation and is fully covered by insurance.


– In the previous year (2022) , WVGE created the legal prerequisites for the development of the kinetic power plant project (KPP) , received support from state structures, received a positive opinion for the project from the state company for the distribution of electric energy (CGES), and received their (CGES) interest in purchasing electricity under preferential conditions. , and finally prepared the location for which we are currently waiting for Urbanistic technical conditions for 4 x 10 MW.

This has created the conditions to start financing, designing and building projects of kinetic power plants without obstacles.

– In 2023, we expect to find financial institutions, banks or funds that will credit or finance this project with grants of 4 x 10 MW, as a pilot project in Montenegro, and in our region. Then let’s do the design, construction, trial period phase and commissioning up to februar 2024, and no later than June 2024.- This practically means that our engagement with other territories could begin after the verification of the technology in our yard, and the possibility of presentation in the same.This is a very important moment because then the technology and its superiority in the conditions of the electrical system of Montenegro, which is similar to the systems in the environment, will be confirmed. After that (2024), in cooperation with the same customers and partners, we could start serious projects in Montenegro and the Balkans in 2024. Serious projects include the announced 100+300 MW in Montenegro.

In each of these variants, HTL Gmbh would be the project manager company, Save the Planet would be the supplier of the boxes, and WVGE would be the job holder. (We are talking about the territory of the Balkans).

Offered the possibility of connecting a 10 MW kinetic power plant at the locations Nikšić – industrial zone, Podgorica TS Mareza, Lastva Grbaljska, Pljevlja and other locations suitable for connecting a 10 MW kinetic power plant. Phase I refers to the location of Nikšić – industrial zone.

Purchase of the produced energy that our kinetic power plant would produce with the Contract with CGES on delivery on favorable terms.

CGES is a state-owned company, and the Power Purchase Agreement is treated as if it had been signed with the state, and it is the only one responsible for 10+MW projects and issuing opinions