Basic advantages:

– Baseload energy, works 8760 h/year, without burning fossil fuels and without CO2 emissions. Without any impact on the environment.

– 80 MW/Ha – a small area necessary for the plant and can be located in any place, where the network allows. If there is no network, it can be used in rural areas as an energy island and the necessary infrastructure can be built

– Independent of weather, no concessions.

– The most economical production because there are no additional inputs needed for production, so the organization of work and production itself is simplified.

Realistically speaking, today’s competition cannot produce sufficient quantities of electricity, so the market is open for the missing quantities. On the other hand, due to the systemic advantages of technology, we are able to cover all the shortcomings of existing manufacturers, but also to locate where they cannot. In particular, all our power plants will be located in accordance with consultations with the state distribution company, right next to large substations and hubs, and in this way avoid losses on the network, avoid the costs of network installation, which the competition cannot do, because technically it is limited.

Also, a big advantage is the fact that we do not have any additional inputs such as gas or oil, the price of which has gone up and which is impossible to obtain, and they should deliver them and supply the plant with it. We are self-sufficient in the place where we are installed and we do not have any restrictions for the production and delivery of energy, except for the connection power.

With production 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our production does not have any drops or jumps, but is a straight line, and can be very useful when balancing the electricity production of our competitors. Every customer will be satisfied to have balanced energy at all times without jumps and drops. And there we are self-sufficient.